When is the best time to meet others offline?

You’ve already gone through the entire process! You signed up at a herpes dating site or app specifically for people with herpes; you searched, and searched, and searched; and then you started to talk to people; but one person stands out in particular, and you’ve been talking for a while, but now you think it’s time for more. You feel really good about this person, and you are seriously considering taking this relationship to the next stage and meeting them face to face, in person!
But when is the best time to take this to the next level?

1)How long have you been talking? You probably don’t want to talk for a few hours, and then jump. I mean, you could, but it would be better to wait until you’re sure they’re a real, genuine, solid person. Yes, unfortunately people are capable of fabricating fake profiles, lie about their identity, for god knows whatever reason…. But there are ways to avoid this!
One, ask them for a video chat on skype; this is the best way to confirm if they are the same person in the photos they’ve been broadcasting.

Two, ask them for a phone call; this isn’t as good as a video call, but it’s the next best thing; if they continue to refuse a call, they may not be the same person they claim to be, or, they might be married and hiding things…

2)Where do they live? Are you talking to someone in the same town as you, or the other side of the country? The timezones are all different, and as a result a proper meeting time might be difficult to make. Make sure that you understand what the best time is for them, if they live further away.

3)What is their schedule? Do they work days, or do they work nights? Do they work an unorganized, random schedule, or do they work a fixed one? Are they a morning person, or a night person? Do they attend school, clubs, sports teams, or other extracurricular activities? All of these types of things are important when planning a meeting time. You should try to figure out what times work best for them based on their work schedule, school schedule, or extracurricular activities. And if they have kids, it’ll be even more whacky!

4)Be safe! When in doubt, invite them to go somewhere with you during the day. Do not invite them to your home, do not go out at night, and do not go to a secluded area until you KNOW that you can trust them. Go somewhere during the day, and pick an area surrounded by other people, such as a restaurant, the mall, a theme park, etc! If you have any weird feelings about something, trust your gut, and do what you have to to stay safe!

When you’re meeting someone that you met online, you have to be open-minded. Different people have different schedules that may not completely match yours; sometimes they may have children, or other things that take up their time, or they may be in a completely different timezone! Communication is the most important thing when you’re dating online. Make sure your partner knows what you’re thinking, and what you’re up to, and when you have free time!