Giving and Getting Oral Sex When You Have Herpes

In this day and age, oral sex is as common as ordering a mocha from Starbucks. We’ve learned to love it and it’s hard to give it up after you’ve experienced it for the first time. As you know, herpes can change certain aspects of this sensational experience and we understand the deterrence but we don’t want you to exclude it out of your life when you have herpes or dating someone with herpes, completely.

Here a few HEALTH tips when giving and getting oral sex after you or your partner has tested positive for herpes.

Never Give Oral to Someone Who is Having an Outbreak

We’ve mentioned this a countless number of times, herpes is transmitted through skin to skin contact. That includes the givers lips touching the receivers’ genitals. An outbreak means the virus is active and infectious. Any exposure to an outbreak can result in developing the STI. You don’t want to put the giver at risk of contracting this disease so abstain from this sexual act when there are sores present.

Practice Safe Sex

You’ve probably heard from your health care provider that the risk of contracting HSV through oral sex is low but any amount of risk should be a deterrent from unprotected sex. I can attest to a woman developing herpes in her throat due to this common misinformation.

There are so many protective measures that can prevent transmission. If the receiver is male, we recommend using condoms. They are readily available at your local drugstore and they can maintain the experience of receiving oral sex. The preferred protection method for women is the dental dam. They are not as easily accessible but you can buy them online or make them out of your everyday household items such as non-microwavable saran wrap or latex gloves.

Remember any exposure to skin is an opportunity to contract the virus. It is very possible to contract or transmit herpes from exposure to the testicles and the area around the anus.

Be Delicate

If you’ve ever watched the videos, you’ve seen how rough they can get during oral sex. This is not recommended for those who engage in this act after being diagnosed with Herpes. The issue that may occur is the possibility of breaking that barrier between your skin and theirs. Ever heard of a condom breaking or saran wrap tearing? Yeah it can happen and you don’t want to take any chances.

We want you to be safe but we also believe in the act of pleasure. Herpes doesn’t equate to the end of a nice oral experience. It means that you have to engage in the act with more caution and concern.

Side note: After you’ve contracted Herpes, you develop antibodies. These antibodies prevent sores from spreading to other parts of the body. If both you and your partner test positive for herpes, you will have a less likely chance of contracting the sores in other areas. It is important that you know what type of herpes you have so that you can distinguish whether or not these steps will work for you.

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