Herpes dating tips for women with herpes

Herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the world, infecting every 1 in 6 persons worldwide. Although the statistics vary with place, herpes continues to haunt people from across the globe. As this infection is asymptomatic, people often find it difficult to get it diagnosed and end up transmitting to others unknowingly. Despite all the research about herpes, scientists and experts haven’t been able to find an answer to this infection.

Dating when you have herpes can be quite intimidating. People tend to think a lot and anticipate things which most of the times do not even happen. They constantly have a fear that they might lose their loved one because of their condition. However, such is not the case always. A man should love you for the person and the woman you are, having or not having herpes should never be a criteria for him. And for someone who does consider it as a deciding factor, you certainly are better off without him.

Herpes is turning out to be an issue in the world and women seem to be worst affected. Experts from the field claim that the genital structure of women makes it difficult for them to avoid coming in contact with the herpes simplex virus, especially when they’re involved with multiple partners. Given the fact that herpes tends to spread through direct physical contact with the infected area, engaging in oral sex too isn’t considered safe. Oftentimes, barriers too cannot prevent the spread of this infection.

Although, there is nothing that should concern you while dating a man if you have herpes. But, there are few useful dating tips that would help you uncomplicated the process of dating. Read below the dating tips for women:

·Be upfront and honest: The foremost essential pillar on which any relation is based is that of honesty. You cannot be true to someone without being honest with them. While dating with herpes you need to take this very seriously. Be upfront and honest about your condition to your partner, before you get into a relation. This will not only help them decide if they want to be with you, but would also show them your morality and genuineness towards the relation. Share with them your condition and how it might affect your relation, if at all.

·Have complete Knowledge: Before you share any knowledge with the person you are going to date, make sure you have all the facts right about your condition. Get yourself tested and know the pros and cons completely, so that when you share that with your special someone, they would know everything they should about your condition. Having half knowledge is worse than having no knowledge.

·Take precautions: In today’s time when people have a progressive outlook towards everything, finding a person who is keen and acceptable towards dating someone with herpes is not a difficult task. But, once you get them and move towards a lifelong relation, make sure to follow all the precautions, so that your partner does not get affected by your condition. At all times while getting intimate take necessary precautions. Understand that women run a greater risk of contracting herpes compared to men.

These few points and herpes dating site would act as saviors in helping you find your special someone. Just vouch for them and be prepared to meet the love of your life.

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