Recognizing Online Scammers on Herpes Dating Sites

You’ve decided to try dating websites to find other herpes singles, and you’re excited about the idea of finding other people similar to you! But you’re worried about people being fake, or to put it another way, people who aren’t really what they say they are. This is a legitimate worry, because there have been instances of people who say they’re a male, but are a female; or people who say they’re 19 but they’re 60; worrying about if people are who they really say they are, for these reasons, is not crazy!

There are actually ways to determine if people are who they say there are. This article will serve as a guideline for you to use if you are unsure, or if you’re just feeling suspicious:

1) Skype or other video chat. Ask them for a video chat RIGHT NOW. Demanding it on the spot is key, so that they can’t just call a friend over to pretend to be them. Using skype, or any other form of video chat, is a sure way to find out if the person you’re talking to is real. One of the main reasons this works is because you see the person’s face in the moment; you can’t use photos as a reliable source of proof, because photos can be pulled anywhere from the internet. Seeing the person’s face live and in action is more personal, more intimate—and you should be able to confirm who they are that way.

If someone refuses a video chat, it means one of two things: One, their camera on their computer is broken; or two, they’re not who they claim to be! Be cautious!

2) Ask them for photos of themselves doing oddly specific things. Anyone can find a full-body photo of someone, and anyone can find a selfie photo. But not many people can fake a photo of someone pulling their nose up like a pig nose, or putting an apple on their head, etc! The odder the request, the better—if they comply, then you know they are who they say they are. If they get upset about it, they’re either using fake photos or they’re just a jerk!

3) Meet them in public. If you want to find out for sure that someone is who they say they are, meet them in a crowded, public location. They won’t be able to try anything funny since they’re surrounded by potential witnesses! Ask them to meet you at a certain location: If you find someone looking around for you, and they’re 60, not 19, then beware! You just caught yourself a liar.

When trying to find out if someone’s telling the truth or not, just be cautious. Don’t send any photos or personal information unless you’re comfortable with it. Never tell someone where you live on the first date. And just use your brain! If something feels weird, then it probably is. There’s a lot of ways to find out who someone is. And always try to think of ways someone could fake who they are, if you can think of a way someone could lie to you, then just be cautious. Good luck!

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