Young women and herpes – Manager dating and relationships

You want to be young and stupid, and live life recklessly like the rest of the kids, no feelings and no labels attached—or maybe, you just want to find someone you can settle down with after high school or college. Whoever you are, you just want to live your life the way it should be lived.

Perhaps you’ve already started dating someone, and it’s going really well. Perhaps you can see yourself with this person for a long time to come. But you’ve got a secret, and you’re not sure how to break it to your partner.

This article is designed to help you through the dating process, and how to manage potential or existing relationship problems.

1)Be open. The best way to avoid relationship problems now, and further down the road, is to be completely, blatantly honest. If someone isn’t comfortable dating someone with an STD now, then they probably won’t be later down the road. And you deserve someone who accepts you for who you are.

Talk to them about the disease and what it means for them as a partner. Talk to them about ways to reduce the risk of transmission, and that there are ways to get past it.

2)Online herpes dating. Perhaps the VERY BEST way to obtain a good, open, positive relationship with herpes, or any STD, is to date someone with a similar thing as you. There are websites like available to you, and apps, both on android and apple phones, that allow you to date other people just like you! You can completely avoid the “talk” this way, because there’d be no need for one!

3)Safe sex. Discuss safe sex with them. Discuss the use of LATEX condoms, dental damns (oral sex); and if your partner is also female, also consider telling them the dangers of douching or cleaning their vaginal area too much, because that reduces vaginal bacteria and increases the chance of transmission.

Despite having STDs, talking about safe sex is important! If they know they’re safe, they may be more willing to work with you!

4)Be positive. I know it can be hard to be positive sometimes, but always know that there are more fish in the sea! Just because one relationship doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean all of them will fail. There are people in this world who are understanding, compassionate, and dedicated, you just have to find them! So keep that chin up, and keep trying!

The bottom line here is that you need to be positive, communicative, and smart! Make sure that you communicate with your partner, and let them know what you think they need to know; not to mention, if they are okay with your condition, you should practice safe sex to lower the chance of transmission! But most of all, be positive! Think of constructive ways to avoid and deal with your problem, rather than be brought down with it!

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